How to assemble a 360 photo booth?

How to assemble a 360 photo booth?

360 photo booth set up

  1. Unpacking: Carefully unpack the 360 photo booth to avoid scratches

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Find all accessories and keep them organized so they don't get lost.

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Film (optional) the 360 photo booth: Tear off the protective film of the sticker, spray soapy water on the sticker and the 360 photo booth base, put the sticker flat on the base, scrape the water between the sticker and the base with a hard object, and further scrape it flat, and let it dry.

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Install spin support rod

Secure the bent and bottom bar with four screws

Insert the bottom bar into the hole reserved on the base

Secure the bottom bar to the base with screws

Insert the first straight rod into the fixed bent rod and fix it with screws

Insert the last straight rod and fasten with screws

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Install the fill light: fix a gimbal to the top of the support rod, and then fix the light to the gimbal.

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Install the inner bracket of the lamp: Now fix a gimbal on the screw hole reserved in the lamp, and then fix the bracket to the gimbal.

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Install the bracket on the pole: first fix the bracket to the pole, then install a gimbal on the bracket, and then fasten the bracket to the gimbal.

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Connect the power bank(not included) to charge the lamp

 360 spin photo booth

  1. Stick the light strip and connect the power supply
  • Find the three-pronged wire and connect one end to the base motor.

  • Connect the light strip and the connecting wire, tear off the protective film on the light strip, and stick it tightly around the base. Connect the cable that has been connected to the light strip to one end of the three-pronged wire.

  • Connect the power supply to the other end of the three-pronged wire.

  • Plug in the mains power supply.

 360 spin photo booth

360 spin photo booth

  1. Test use: use the remote control to test the 360 photo booth, rotate forward for a while, reverse for a while, accelerate and decelerate.

360 spin photo booth

Where can I buy a 360 Photo Booth?


Buy Full metal platform 360 Photo Booth: Classic 360 Photo Booth

Buy Infinity LED Glass platform 360 Photo Booth: Luxury 360 Photo Booth


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