How much is a 360 photo booth?

How much is a 360 photo booth?

How much is a 360 degree photo booth?

The costs of 360 photo booth are varies, depending on where you’re located, how many companies are offering it, the date, season, etc. In general, the price of a 360 photo booth ranges from $1000 to $4000 depending on the options you choose, because there are different sizes and style.

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Some options that affect the price are:

The size of the platform – the smaller platforms are around 27 inches and can fit about 1-2 guests. The larger platforms are about 46 inches and can fit 1-7 guests.
Custom Options – if you want to a 360 photo booth enclosure, this will add to the price which will surround the entire video area! You can even order custom branding on the platform/stage, too(360SPB provide free custom logo).
LED dance floor – This 3D LED Dance Floor offers endless color possibilities to modify your surroundings. The combination of Red, Green, and Blue LEDs offers a tremendous range of colors with smooth transitions from one color to the next. This unit has 3 operating Auto running, Remote control, or DMX control.

All of these options, above, will affect the total price you pay. We hope this has been helpful. Please contact us for more info. Thank you.

The price of a 360 photo booth is mainly decided by following factors:

  1. Where are you located: the distance from you to the manufacture and the convenient of the transportation from the manufacture to your hands decided part of the cost.
  2. The size of a 360 Photo Booth: the bigger the more materials used, and harder to make.
  3. 360 Photo Booth styles: 360 Photo Booth styles: There are 4 popular styles in the market now. Glass platform 360 Photo Booth, Full metal platform 360 Photo Booth, Infinity LED Glass platform 360 Photo Booth, LED Glass platform 360 Photo Booth. Different styles use different materials with different cost.
  4. The accessories you want to include: more accessories means more cost.
  5. How many pieces do you buy: the raw material cost and the average labor cost production site cost will decrease if you buy a large quantity and your price will be lower too.
  6. Do you need customize service: it may need some extra money.

You may list more, but all not important at all. The most important thing is to enjoy your event, isn't it?

 360 spin photo booth

Where can I buy a 360 Photo Booth?


Buy Full metal platform 360 Photo Booth: Classic 360 Photo Booth

Buy Infinity LED Glass platform 360 Photo Booth: Luxury 360 Photo Booth


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