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How does 360 Photo Booth Work?

It works around the event participant to capture a 360-degree slow-motion video. 360 photo booth acts like a "director" helping users stage their performance to ensure the best possible video is captured, each 360 photo or video is taken from a different angle, which helps create an immersive and truly unique experience, and more importantly, live lighting and chroma keying, etc effects can bring more complex scenes to life, and then the video is streamed to an email and social media sharing station where users can instantly access their videos. Do you want your guests to give your guests a truly unique gift? Then you need a 360 photo booth!

What size 360 photo booth is right for me?

360 booths size are important, as they need enough space to capture a 360-degree video. What size will work best for you depends on your application and how many people you intend to use the booth at any one time. Generally, the smaller devices work for intimate events like weddings, and the larger options are great for conventions.

You can choose a photo booth that can fit a few people, but it's not too big to cover a vast event area. You should go for a 360 photo booth at least 32 feet in size, to get a full body on 360 booths without worrying about taking up too much unnecessary space.
360 Photo Booth

What is 360 Booth?

360 camera booth is a video booth for wedding openings, anniversaries, and other parties in the photo tool, works in the following way: when the user steps on the photo booth platform, the video camera begins to rotate 360 degrees to capture the movement of guests at 120 frames per second, and finally form a slow-motion video, which can be shared on social media.A way for everyone to happily enjoy entertainment and be free from worries

How to buy 360 photo booths?

When it comes to buying 360 video booths, you will want to buy 360 photo booths online because the local price is twice as high as online, so ask some essential questions about customer service.

Firstly, ask him about the warranty period of 360 photo booths before you buy, if you buy a photo booth 360 online is damaged, it can save you a lot of repair costs.

Secondly, You need to ask him where to ship from, and how long the shipping time will take, it is recommended to buy a month before your event.

In addition, ask if they have 360 photo booth accessories, these accessories will allow your guests to shoot more poses.

The most important is the 360 photo booth software, you can ask customer service, whether they have a recommendation or gift.

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Why 360 photo booth is so popular?

They are a great way to get your guests engaged and serve as an icebreaker at your event.360 Photo booths are so fun and it is a great source of entertainment for all your guests.
Most 360 photo booth rental businesses can operate out of a home office and the fact that the average photo booth rental price is between $900 - $1200 per event, the net revenue per event, especially for an owner-operated one, is very lucrative.
360 Booths can capture multiple people at the same time. which is a unique and fun way to capture memories with your loved ones, record the important moments in your life


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