9 Reasons Why You Need a 360SPB 32" Stanbyme This Year

9 Reasons Why You Need a 360SPB 32" Stanbyme This Year

360SPB S4 Stanbyme is a 32" portable smart screen with a variety of features that make it versatile for various uses. It operates on Android OS, similar to a large Android smartphone, but without a sim card. This device is supported by an adjustable stand and is powered by a built-in battery in the base. It also features five full swivel rotation wheels at the bottom, allowing smooth movement.

This product is ideal for various applications such as a portable TV, game console, fitness aid, cooking assistant, shopping tool, for live streaming, remote meetings, and screen casting for meetings. It's designed to adapt to different needs, whether at home or outdoors, emphasizing its role as a lifestyle-enhancing tool.


1. Unmatched Portability: The 360SPB 32" Stanbyme redefines the concept of a portable TV. Its innovative design with built-in wheels ensures you can enjoy entertainment in any room of your home, or even outdoors.

2. Advanced Touch Screen Technology: The Stanbyme boasts a state-of-the-art touch screen, offering a user-friendly interface and interactive experience that traditional TVs can't match.

3. Versatile Android OS: Equipped with the latest Android OS, the Stanbyme offers a familiar platform to download and use your favorite apps, turning your portable TV into a smart hub for entertainment and productivity.

4. Superior Connectivity Options: With options for HDMI, USB, and more, the Stanbyme ensures you can connect a wide range of devices, from gaming consoles to laptops, with ease.

5. Wireless Screen Casting: Mirror content from your smartphone, tablet, or computer wirelessly, thanks to the Stanbyme's screen casting capabilities, supporting protocols like Apple AirPlay and Miracast.

6. High-Quality Audio and Video: Experience your media in full HD with the Stanbyme’s 1920x1080 resolution display, complemented by a high-quality audio output for an immersive experience.

7. Flexible Viewing Angles: Thanks to its adjustable stand, you can tilt, swivel, and rotate the Stanbyme for the perfect viewing angle, whether you're cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in bed.

8. Long Battery Life: The built-in battery offers hours of uninterrupted use, making the Stanbyme a reliable entertainment source even during power outages or outdoor events.

9. Easy to Set Up and Use: The Stanbyme's user-friendly design makes it simple to set up and operate, even for those who aren't tech-savvy.


The 360SPB 32" Stanbyme is more than just a portable TV on wheels; it's a versatile, user-friendly, and technologically advanced device that caters to all your entertainment needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your home entertainment system or need a portable solution for your multimedia needs, the Stanbyme is an excellent choice for 2023.


Don't wait to bring this innovation into your home. Explore the possibilities with the 360SPB 32" Stanbyme today!


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