What's Stanbyme?

What's Stanbyme?

What's Stanbyme?

360SPB S4 Stanbyme is a 32" portable smart screen with Android OS like a big Android smart phone without sim card which is supported by an adjustable stand and powered by the built-in battery in the Base and there are five Full Swivel Rotation wheels at the bottom of the base allow the device move smoothly. Stanbyme also have many other names, such as portable tv on wheels, portable smart tv etc.

What parts does the Stanbyme consist of?

The stanbyme consist of  smart touch screen, adjustable stand, base with built-in battery and accessories.

What's configuration and fuctions of this Smart Touch Screen?

The 32" Smart Touch Screen uses an INCELL full HD ten-point capacitive touch LCD display which make it easier to operate it. The system is Android 12 OS which approved Google certification, allowing you to effortlessly download and install any application available on the Google Play Store. With 8GB RAM and 128GB of internal storage, you can easily run all your favorite apps. The resolution is 1920*1080 pixel for an high-definition visual experience.

Screen Casting: Wireless screen casting, supports multiple protocols: Apple AirPlay, Miracast, Android DLNA.
For Android phones: Phone and device are on the same network -> Phone enters the quick menu -> Click "Screen Mirroring"
For iPhone: Phone and device are on the same network -> iPhone enters the control center -> Click "Screen Mirroring" -> Select the name of the device to be mirrored -> Device displays iPhone screen, screen mirroring successful.
For Windows: Computer and device are on the same network -> Windows enters settings -> System -> Display -> Multiple displays -> Click "Connect to a wireless display" ->Select the name of the device to be mirrored -> Device displays screen,
screen mirroring successful.
For Mac: Computer and device are on the same network -> pull down the control panel and click screen mirroring -> Select the name of the device to be mirrored -> Device displays screen, screen mirroring successful.
Tips: When no devices is connected for 10 minutes,the Screen Cast will automatically turn off.

S4 Stanbyme screen casting


Download APPS: Device enters "Google Play Store -> Log in to Google account -> Select the downloaded application -> Install successfully. "

360SPB S4 Stanbyme use Android 12 OS which have google certification, so you can install apps at will.

 s4 stanbyme install app at will

What kind of ports is the stanbyme equipped?

This Stanbyme is equipped with a variety of ports to support multiple external devices:
DC IN: When the battery is connected, it cannot be recharged, nor can it power the device, When the battery is unconnected, Plugging in an adapter can start the device, But it cannot be charged.
HDMI IN: Connect to an external high-definition video signal input.
Type-C: Connect to a Type-C docking station to connect USB drives, mice, and other devices.
USB*2 : Connect to USB storage devices or a mouse and keyboard receiver.
USB/Touch: A multi-functional interface that can be used for USB storage devices or a mouse and keyboard receiver. It can also
be used to connect to a PC via USB cable to enable touch function.
LAN: Connect to Ethernet for internet access.
Headphone Jack: 3.5mm stereo output for connecting to external amplifiers or headphones.
Microphone input: Connect a 3.5mm cylindrical microphone to capture analog audio signals.

There are three physical buttons() in the lower right corner of the back of the screen ,the table below describes it in detail.


What kind of adjustable stand the stanbyme have?

The stand's height measures 47.24 inches, and the Smart Touch Screen offers adjustable angles and height for an enhanced viewing experience. You can tilt the monitor (front-back tilt ranging from -20° to 20°), swivel it (left-right swivel between -15° to 15°), rotate it clockwise by 90°, and adjust its height vertically by 180mm.


The base of this stanbyme features a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing usage without being tethered to other power sources for a certain duration. Once the battery runs low, you can recharge it by connecting a charger. Plugging the charger into the DC port on the base triggers a red light on the power indicator. As the battery charges, the indicator shifts to green. Upon full charge, unplugging the charger results in a blue indicator, signifying that the battery is now powering the device.

Charging the battery while using the device takes roughly 6 hours for a full charge. When the device is turned off, it takes about 3 hours for a complete charge. Once fully charged, the battery typically lasts for approximately 4 to 6 hours of usage.

The base is fitted with 5 silent wheels that swivel fully, facilitating effortless movement to any area indoors or outdoors. It serves as a versatile entertainment hub, allowing you to freely relocate it throughout your home—whether it's the living room, dining area, kitchen, bedroom, or even outside—depending on your preferences.

What's included in the stanbyme package?

The stanbyme package include power cord, adapter, screwdriver, foot pads, user manual, 4k camera, remote controller, screws and etc.

How to use S4 Stanbyme remote controller?

1. Slide down the back cover of the remote controller
2. The remote control requires two AA batteries.
3. Find the setting button and clik it
4. Click on "Connected Devices"
5. Click on "+ Pair New Device"
6. Simultaneously press and hold the Return and Play/Pause buttons togther until the remote control
ler indicator light flashes continuously, then release the buttons.
7. A new connected device"Remote Controller" will appear below "Available Devices", select "Remote Controller" to pair the
8. When prompted to pair, click "Pair" to complete the remote control setup.

What's the difference between 360SPB S4 Stanbyme and LG Stanbyme?

Where to buy?


S4 32" Stanbyme 1080p Rotatable Monitor Portable TV With LG Incell Touch Screen, Android OS | 360SPB®


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